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Rebecca Tann Vocal Studio

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To access the Studio Handbook, click here


The Studio Handbook outlines the expectations of the vocal studio and details payment and scheduling procedures.

Studio Handbook 

Teaching Philosophy 

My goal as a voice instructor is to assist in my students' discovery of healthy and sustainable singing. I provide instruction in vocal pedagogy and technique in order to guide my students to discover their full vocal potential. I expect my students to be self-motivated, and assist them in building confidence in their singing ability. I believe every singer should know basic music theory, diction, and music history, and I incorporate these factors in to my lessons. Singing is an expressive art, and I urge my students to be vulnerable and truly understand the emotion behind the music they are singing. I enjoy taking students out of their comfort zones to help them experience something new about their voices. At the end of each lesson, I hope that my students leave my studio having learned one more thing about singing, and one more thing about themselves.


  • Summer and ​Fall 2021 enrollment now open. Click here to reserve your spot!

  • Starting June 9th, Lessons will be offered in-person on Wednesdays and online the rest of the week. 

  • The list of TMEA All-State 2021 Audition Music has been announced and can be found here.

  • It is time to sign up for All-State camps for the summer. For information and suggestions, contact Ms.Tann for a full list of camps.

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